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MixMouth Discharge System

MIXSYS has developed the MixMouth for instantaneous discharging of the mixer when required. The MixMouth is an extremely heavy-duty system that provides a true seal of the mixer. While the MixMouth is in the closed position, it forms an almost seamless working surface of the mixer chamber leaving no voids or dead zones. Large and small MixMouth are available and also can work in conjunction with the MixSweep air purge system.


Enhanced Mixer Cleaning System: A one-of-a-kind industry first, MIXSYS offers the ultimate in enhanced quick cleaning technology. EXTRACTASHAFT offers quick, direct access to clean the inside of the mixer chamber and the mixer shaft for quick changeover and verifiable results for complete product and operator protection.

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MixSweep Air / Liquid Purge System

Protected by international patents, the MixSweep system provides active cleaning of the inside workings of the mixer chamber through a special "Air Sweep" or "Liquid Sweep" process. High-pressure air or liquid travels down a specially designed shaft of the mixer, then travels through each mixing tool through strategically placed air nozzles. These create a pneumatic or spray fan, which cleans the inside of the mixer and allows the product to discharge through the MixMouth, thus drastically reducing cleaning and change over times and reducing the risk of cross contamination.

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When not only a mixing, but also a homogenizing process is required—especially when lumps, fibers or pastes are present, a series of choppers are installed in the mixing chamber. Various chopper configurations are available and applied according to the application products and objectives.

Spray Nozzles

Injection of fluids directly into the mixing chamber result in homogeneous absorption and dispersion of the fluids into the product for mixing, moistening or granulating reaction.

Jackets & Insulation

MIXSYS Insulation System can be added to any of our mixers. Generally, insulation is required when the product temperature is lower or higher than ambient temperature. During the engineering and construction, the Insulation System is carefully selected and professionally installed around the surface of the mixing chamber, thus preventing either condensation in the mixer and accidents against high temperatures inside the mixer. The insulation system can also be helpful in maintaining the material temperature inside the mixer contributing to energy savings.

Integral Sampling System

This MIXSYS innovation provides direct product sampling from the mixer chamber during the mixing process for analysis, safety, efficiency and convenience. The MIXSYS Mixer Sampling System eliminates the need to start and stop the mixer under load and the risk to draw samples from an access door, exposing the operator to hazardous working conditions. The MIXSYS Sampling Systems is available in different materials of construction according to the application requirements.

Temperature Probes

For continuous monitoring of the product temperature within the mixing chamber or for monitoring temperature of the heating/cooling fluids in case of use of heat exchangers.

Heat Exchanger & Dryer

MIXSYS Heat Exchange System can be added to any of our mixers. Generally, a chamber encapsulates the mixer, allowing the flow of heating or cooling liquid to control the temperature of the product inside the mixer. It can be used to raise, lower or maintain a constant temperature of the product depending upon the process requirements and can also be used as a dryer.

Rotation Detector

The detector is fitted to the mixer and indicates when the rotor is rotating. If connected to an appropriate signal convertor, it can be used to report the rotation speed, assisting in constant control of the mixing process.

Rotor Grounding

Elimination of potentially dangerous electro-static discharges, even during operation.

Surface Finishes

A wide variety of surface finishes are available, ranging from shot blasting with micro glass balls, to polishing to a grade of RA 0.3 micron, to an anti-wear resistant treatment, to teflon-coating. Each treatment is specifically chosen according to the application of the machine itself. MIXSYS provides complete adaptability for control over your process and performance.

Pneumatic Control System

MIXSYS machines are usually supplied with discharge doors that are controlled by electric-pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic flow systems and rotors and choppers that have pneumatic connections. The pneumatic control panel is designed to interact between these air systems and the electronic control panel.

Dust Control System

Mixers should be supplied with a vent filter which can be either mounted directly to the mixer or retro-mounted in close proximity. MIXSYS also manufactures a full range of filters and dust control systems suitable for all types of processes and applications.

Manual Bag Mixer Charge System

Bag and container emptying hoods are suitable for the manual discharge of powders and/or granular materials into process machinery. The Bag Emptying System can be supplied with integral dust filter or can be connected to an existing dust collection systems framework. The system can be mounted directly to the mixer or remote-mounted with an addition system for conveying the product to the mixer.

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