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Specialty Mixer / Reactor / Evaporator for Bakery Additives

April 6, 2016


MIXSYS through our adaptive approach to MIXINGPROCESSES successfully completes the testing, design & manufacturing of an ADAPTIVEMIXER for the Specialty Chemical Preservatives for the Baking Industry.  The following is the application data:

PROCESS:   Mixing / Reaction / Evaporation Among:  calcium hydroxide (powder) + Calcium oxide (powder) with propionic acid (liquid), for the production of calcium propionate.

BATCH TIME:   3 hours, with the appearance of the product in the intermediate phase like a pasta.  Granulation during the evaporation process and reaction is avoided thorugh 3 strategically placed and specialy designed Choppers.

FINAL PRODUCT:    2500 Kg with bulk density 0,53 kg/liter.


PRESSURE:   Minimum vacuum – 1 bar , maximum 5 barg (6 bar abs) obtained from the processed products in reaction.

TEMPERATURE:   Minimum ambient, maximum + 180°C obtained from the processed products in reaction, heated/cooled with oil inside the mixer Jacket.

Final product will be used as chemical preservative for the Baking Industry.