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MixSys was established with the distinct vision of successfully servicing our valued customers' requirements through our relentless pursuit of excellence providing "Adaptive Mixing Technology" suitable for all products across all industries supported by continued research, innovation & development. MixSys is synonymous with Integrity &transparency which are key ingredients and distinguishing markers of our business model. Providing the perfect balance between cutting edge technology, dependability & affordability you can rest assured that with MixSys your brand and company will be protected.

MixSys is strategically located in Chicago Illinois centrally located in the heart of the USA providing unprecedented logistical support and convenience. Chicago is home to 2 International Airports offering many direct flights for customer visits and successful onsite testing.

Testing Lab

MixSys offers a full product test lab for complete onsite testing where customers can witness first hand "The Art of Mixing" with our scalable Ploughshare Test Mixer complete with Choppers, Bombay Discharge & MixSweep Mixer Air-purge System.

In addition, MixSys - Mix Paddle is available for addition testing, mixer comparison and process evaluation. Additional testing can be provided for Granulation, Drying, Heating, Cooling and reaction from -1 to 5 bar & 0 to 200℃.





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