MIXSYS offers a complete range of mixing solutions for the construction products (grout, thinset, stucco, thermo coatings, abrasives, etc.) and mineral industries.

MIXSYS has become the leader in these Industries due to our continued commitment and development of innovative process improvements to our mixers, such as the recent development of our EXTRACTASHAFT™ mixer quick cleaning system—providing superior access to the working internals of the mixer for quick and accurate cleaning and validation.

Additionally, our MIXSWEEP pneumatic air purge mixer cleaning system, integral Mixer Sampling System and our MixMouth leak-free complete mixer instant discharge system.

MIXSYS provides severe-duty construction with special wear-resistant treatments to the mixing tools, mixing chamber, replaceable wear liners and special materials of construction for even the most demanding application.

When product integrity and safety are essential then MIXSYS is the obvious process partner with adaptive mixing technology to meet and exceed all your requirements.


Advanced Mixing Technology

Due to an increasing need for a perfect process with controlled and repetitive quality for New and Existing products, MIXSYS have continuously invested in the design and continued enhancements and innovations for Mixers, Granulators, Reactors and Stirred Bunkers.

The products within this range are all manufactured in accordance with the individual process requirements for both batch and continuous applications with a variety of rotor options including Ploughshare, MIXPADDLE & Four Screw Ribbon.

Experience and dedication drive MIXSYS Engineers in the quest to provide the correct solution technically & economically. MIXSYS provides complete mixing solutions suitable and adaptive across all industries.

Advanced Granulation Technology (AGT)

The MIXSYS granulator is ideal for turning pre-mixed powder such as those deposited from the mixer or another process above using advance technology, special plow shaped shovels with increased surface area and movement ideal for granulating combined with the addition of liquid, into granules with a precised predetermined dimension.

The granulator can also be used to dry the product during this operation.

Heat Exchanger & Dryer

MIXSYS Heat Exchange System can be added to any of our Mixers. Generally a chamber encapsulates the Mixer allowing the flow of Heating or Cooling liquid to control the temperature of the product inside the Mixer.

It can be used to raise, lower or maintain a constant temperature of the product depending upon the process requirements and also be used as a dryer.

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