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MIXSYS has developed a range of connecting systems. The Bulk Bag Filler is manually handled and has an easy seal system which allows for efficient and dust-free clean connection for FIBCs. 

The design of this system was specifically designed to tightly connect and discharge bulk bags to complete full containment. The Bulk Bag Filling System provides efficient and advance handling advantages for FIBCs.

Bulk Bag Docking Station:

The design of this system was specifically designed to tightly connect and discharge bulk bags to complete full containment. The Big Bag Filling System provides efficient and advance handling advantages for FIBCs.

Clean Connect Seal System:

This system is has a manually handled clean connect system for efficient and dust free connection of hinged holding ring.

Dust Free Handling:

The automatic pulse filter allows for continuous filtering and cleaning during operation. Filters of manual dump station are easily accessible and can be replaced through quick-disconnect fittings. This complete system can reduce material wasted and prevent plant contamination.

 Our Technical Advances include the following:

  • Ventilator Fan System to Pre-shape the Bag Prior to Filling
  • Different Materials of Construction
  •  Dust Extraction Connection or MIXSYS Remote Dust Extraction System
  • CLEANCONNECT – SAC Sleeve Clamp System (optional) Industry First
  •  Inflatable SAC Sleeve Sealing System
  •  AUTOSAC SAC hanging and hooking system
  •  Loadcell Full Bulk Bag Weighment
  • SAC Extension System to Optimize the filling process
  • SAC Densifying Table for Stable SAC filling
  • Powdered Roller Take Away System
  • Digital Weighment System for Accurate SAC Filling
  • Complete Pallet and Slip Sheet Dispensing System
  • Complete System Design and Integration
  • High Speed Bulk Sac Filling System up to 200 Bulk Sacs Per Hour

MIXSYS offers a wide range of Bulk Bag Filler stations to meet the needs of the industrial world.

MIXSYS develops ergonomic and customized filling stations to meet the specific needs of flexible container users.

Bulk Bag filling station offers benefits such as:

  • regular and controlled filling
  • the absence of risks and it is ergonomic for the user
  • Adaptation to several sizes and types of Big Bags (FIBC, FIBS, super sack, jumbo bag, bulk bag, bag)
  • An optimization of the company’s productivity
  • A low price and a negligible maintenance cost

Our big bag filling stations are custom designed and adapted to each production process.

For a filling station capable of filling up to 200 big bags per hour, it is advisable to opt for a station operating with a semi-automatic mode. A semi-automatic station requires minimal handling by the operator. The operator simply puts the big bag in place at the filling head. After this action, the operator can launch the big bag filling cycle automatically. For this purpose, we integrate a PLC program that interacts with level probes or scales. The flow rate is adjusted by automatically opening and closing a feed valve. A semi-automatic station is also capable of interacting with the weight set by the operator. Once this weight is reached, the filling process stops.

A semi-automatic filling station also has a safety system that stops the machine in case of an anomaly detected by the PLC program.

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