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Hammermill product range


·       HIGH PRESSURE (only mod. 24/GL-2) or LOW PRESSURE working.

·       Magnets for ferrous pieces holding.

·       Milling unit made of high thickness carbon steel.

·       Bi-directional working to allow only one rotation of hammers beating surface.

·       No. 24/48/64 long-wearing hammers made of hardened carbon steel and useable on their four surfaces.

·       Screens fast replacement device.

·       Electrical motor 2900 RPM.

·       Base-plate made of strong section bars.


·       Motorised screw feeder.

·       Motorised helical feeder.

·       Motorised drum feeder.

·       Electrical control of the feeding gate.

·       Microprocessor for electronic adjustment of the feeder.

·       Execution in compliance with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC

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