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Smart Ingredient System

Batch Conveying

    • SMARTINGREDIENTSYSTEM (SIS) can work with any conveying arrangement including tubular chain conveyors and vacuum conveying systems.
    • Offers continuous feeding of all ingredients simultaneously during the conveying cycle.
    • MIXLOGIX system offers web-based reporting as well as recipe and log management with super operator interface.
    • The SMARTINGREDIENTSYSTEM features modularity, delivering excellence in fast, efficient product change-overs between batches and greatly reduces labor as well as the need for dedicated feed stations.
    • IBC totes are available in food grade poly or stainless steel
    • The SMARTINGREDIENTSYSTEM offers the ultimate in adaptive ingredient handling and feeding.

Ingredient Batching & Feeding

    • RFID/barcode product verification upon docking the IBC tote.
    • Sealed IBC tote provides lot integrity and preservation. Additionally, it prevents dusting at docking/discharge point.
    • The inflatable seal automatically engages IBC tote.
    • Dock-mounted air piston vibrator/flow aid.
    • Docking station with integral load cells (feeding and inventory control).
    • EXTRACTASCREW quick-clean screw feeder (additional feeder options available)
    • Ingredients can be fed simultaneously, reducing batching time sequence
    • Loss-in-weight, gain-in-weight and volumetric feeding configurations available
    • Minor and micro ingredient feeding

Material Receiving & IBC Tote Loading Sequence

Raw material can be scanned into inventory after arriving at the facility, allowing for proper lot and ingredient tracking through our advanced MIXLOGIX control platform. Bulk bags, 50 lb. bags, and other product containers can be moved to our IBC tote filling zone.

    • Store full lots into a single IBC tote
    • Optional platform scale for inventory validation
    • Integrated bulk bag unloader and dump station with dust control for proper filling
    • MIXSYS telescoping loading spout provides safe and dust-free filling
    • IBC tote can safely be moved into storage area and/or stack for later use

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