Bulk Bag Emptying Station

Bulk Bag Emptying Station



Emptying station

Products with Good flowability

The bulk bag emptying station is used to extract powdered or granulated products in a regular, controlled, and safe way.
We adapt our complete range of emptying equipment to meet the specific needs of flexible container users.
Each equipment is designed to facilitate and secure handling.

When the product to be extracted from the big bag has a good flowability, the proposed emptying station is generally composed of :

  • A steel or stainless steel frame according to the dimensions of the site
  • A frame with monorail and hoist (chain hoist, pneumatic hoist, Atex hoist…)
  • A cross-member for handling the bulk bag (standard cross-member or lifting cross-member)
  • A vibrated hopper to facilitate the extraction and an unlacing chamber

To this, it is possible to add many options to adapt the station to the needs of the customer. For a product with good flowability, these options can be :

  • An ISERCLOSE to carry out a partial emptying of the big bag
  • A CLEAN-CONNECT for emptying, ensuring a perfectly sealed emptying at the big bag outlet
  • A connection transport by screw or by pneumatic transport

We also design emptying stations able to receive bulk bags, but also bags. This is an emptying station with an integrated bag emptying hopper.