Bulk Bag Fill Stations

Bulk Bag Fill Stations

Filling station and automatic weighing system


This case is linked to another one from 2018. It is a big bag filling station that has been installed and put into service.

The client wanted to buy an additional big bag filling station like the existing one. Here, some improvements were made, such as the addition of an optical sensor. This sensor detects the presence of a big bag in the area.

The proposed solution

A 3D scan was carried out on site to get accurate measurements for the design of this filling station.

This filling station is made up of:

  • Carbon steel structure.
  • The filling head is equipped with an inflatable seal. This seal provides an ideal seal by pinching the big bag.

When the closing, the seal completely fits the big bag filling chute.

The height of the unit can be adjusted by means of a hydraulic cylinder, which allows it to be adapted to many types and lengths of bags and to Octabins.

  • A telescopic stainless steel sheath with textile straps. This allows a sealed connection (between the big bag and the filling chute) to be maintained when the table is extended.
  • A mobile table to extend the big bag during the filling phase
  • ATEX preforming fan to ensure proper filling of the big bag. The fan is equipped with a dust filter that purifies the air blown into the Big Bag. This avoids contamination of the product.
  • An automatic unhooking system allowing the big bag to be unhooked automatically without the need for operator intervention.
  • A densification table to ensure the deaeration and compaction of the product by vibration and to obtain an optimal filling of the big bags.
  • 4 weighing scales for weight dosing of the product via an electro-pneumatic valve.
  • A stainless steel plate for the tight filling of the octabins, without loss of product.

Weighing system and automation

This system allows for automatic filling, densification and weighing of the productIt is also possible to switch to manual mode by a switch. The system is controlled with a weight indicator and a programmable terminal. The recipe is integrated directly into the cabinet.

The filling station consists of 2 separate cabinets. One is used for the control of the pneumatic transport. The other is used to control the machine part. Each of these cabinets is controlled by an automaton.

The automaton is controlled by the 4 weighing scales, which allows weight dosing via the electro-pneumatic valve.

This installation is equipped with a buffer hopper located upstream which indicates the level of the product contained. When the high level is reached, the filling of the big bag starts. When the level is low, filling stops.

To fill the octabins, the process is slightly different. It works with a weighing system. When the octabin has reached a weight of 1000kg, the machine stops. It doesn’t matter how much product is left in the upper hopper.

Operating mode:

  • The operator carries out the tare after placing the big bag on the station
  • Filling starts by opening the valve (controlled by the automaton)
  • When the programmed weight is reached, the valve closes.
  • Indication of the end of filling (indicator light)

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