Bulk Bag Filling / Discharging Systems

Bulk Bag Filling / Discharging Systems

MIXSYS Bulk Bag Filling / Discharging Stations are designed to be cost-effective and efficient when filling bulk products. MIXSYS offers many different custom designed configurations for filling dry flowable products. Together with our clients, MIXSYS's team of engineers develop an effective integration of storage and handling equipment delivering innovative design and convenient solutions.



Overview: MIXSYS offers a comprehensive range of connecting systems, including the Bulk Bag Filler, designed for efficient and dust-free connection of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs). This system provides advanced handling advantages for bulk bags, ensuring full containment and efficient filling processes.

Bulk Bag Docking Station:

  • Specifically designed to tightly connect and discharge bulk bags, ensuring full containment during the filling process.
  • Provides efficient and advanced handling advantages for FIBCs, enhancing operational efficiency.

Clean Connect Seal System:

  • Features a manually handled clean connect system for dust-free connection of hinged holding rings, ensuring a secure and sealed connection for bulk bags.

Dust Free Handling:

  • Equipped with an automatic pulse filter for continuous filtering and cleaning during operation, minimizing dust emissions and maintaining a clean working environment.
  • Easily accessible filters of the manual dump station can be replaced through quick-disconnect fittings, reducing maintenance time and preventing plant contamination.

Technical Advances:

  • Ventilator Fan System: Pre-shapes the bag prior to filling, optimizing the filling process.
  • Various Materials of Construction: Offers flexibility to suit different application requirements.
  • Dust Extraction Connection or MIXSYS Remote Dust Extraction System: Ensures efficient dust extraction for improved air quality.
  • CLEANCONNECT SAC Sleeve Clamp System (optional): Industry-first technology for secure and sealed bag connection.
  • Inflatable SAC Sleeve Sealing System: Provides additional sealing for enhanced containment.
  • AUTOSAC SAC Hanging and Hooking System: Facilitates easy handling and hanging of bulk bags.
  • Loadcell Full Bulk Bag Weighment: Enables accurate weighing of filled bulk bags for precise measurement.
  • SAC Extension System: Optimizes the filling process to accommodate various bag sizes and types.
  • SAC Densifying Table: Ensures stable filling of bulk bags, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Powdered Roller Take Away System: Removes excess powder and ensures clean bag filling.
  • Digital Weighment System: Ensures accurate filling of bulk bags, improving product quality.
  • Complete Pallet and Slip Sheet Dispensing System: Facilitates efficient handling and packaging of filled bulk bags.
  • Complete System Design and Integration: Customized solutions tailored to specific production processes.
  • High-Speed Bulk Sac Filling System: Offers rapid filling capabilities, processing up to 200 bulk bags per hour.

Benefits of Bulk Bag Filling Station:

  • Regular and controlled filling process ensures product consistency and quality.
  • Ergonomic design minimizes risks and enhances user comfort during bag filling operations.
  • Adaptable to various sizes and types of bulk bags, including FIBCs, super sacks, jumbo bags, and more.
  • Optimizes company productivity while maintaining cost-effectiveness.
  • Custom-designed to suit unique production requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.