Bulk Bag Unloader

Bulk Bag Unloader

MIXSYS Bulk Bag Unloaders are designed to be cost-effective and efficient when unloading bulk products. MIXSYS offers many different custom designed configurations for loading and discharging dry flowable products. Together with our clients, MIXSYS's team of engineers develop an effective integration of storage and handling equipment delivering innovative design and convenient solutions.



The MIXSYS Bulk Bag and tote unloading system is a leader in the industry as one of the most comprehensive and adaptive systems available. The MIXSYS Bulk Bag emptying station is intended for the regular and controlled extraction of hard flowing powder from big bags.

An unloading station is generally made up of:

  • A steel or stainless steel frames
  • A cross-member for handling the Bulk Bag
  • A vibrated hopper to facilitate the extraction and an unlacing chamber.
  • A connection transport by screw or by pneumatic transport (optional)
  • Unique Parabolic Vibratory Extraction System (PVE)
  • Hinged SAC Untie Door Access (Unless Supplied w/ CLEANCONNECT)
  • SAC punching system 
  • SAC massaging system 
  • Single Trip Pyramidal Knife System
  • HYDRAULIC Side Conditioners for Packed Products
  • MIXCLOSE – SAC closure system (For Partially Discharged Bags)
  • CLEANCONNECT – SAC Sleeve Clamp System 
  • Integrated Manual Bag Dump Station
  • Hoist and Trolley 
  • Loadcell Full Bulk Bag Weighment
  • Full Range of Materials of Construction
  • Full Range of Dosing or Conveying Options
  • Optional MIXSYS Lump breaker -

The MIXSYS Bulk Bag unloader stations allow a safe and effortless deconditioning of powders.


  • They do not present any risk for the user
  • They are ergonomic
  • They adapt to all big bag sizes
  • They are delivered custom-made and adapted to each production process
  • They are inexpensive and their maintenance cost is negligible
  • They optimizes business productivity

Many options exist to adapt the unloading station to your production process.



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