Continuous Mixer

Continuous Mixer



Suitable for the Following Production Processes:

  • Mixing of powders / granules / flakes / fibers / pastes
  • Wetting of solids with one or more liquids
  • Granulation by injecting a binding liquid
  • Film coating by injecting a liquid on a powder and then adding a second powder
  • Heating / cooling / temperature control

Main Features:

  • Mixing times adaptable to the specific process
  • Extremely high mixing quality
  • Constant quality of the product output
  • Mixing ratio 1:100,000
  • Coefficient of variation (CV): ≤ 3%
  • Low maintenance

Technical Features:

  • Hourly productivity: from 132 to 317,832 gallons/hour
  • Cylindrical mixing chamber
  • Mixing tools: ploughshare / ploughshare with toothed design / Mix Paddle / Mix Paddle with toothed design
  • Material of construction: carbon steel / Hardox 450 / AISI 304 / AISI 316 / AISI 316Ti
  • Inspection door complete with safety electric lock
  • Vertical discharge door with adjustable internal diaphragms to regulate the production capacity
  • Rotor shaft with turned and coaxial ends
  • Rotor shaft sealing system with packing seals and wear-resistant ferrules to protect the rotor shaft, prepared for flushing with air / nitrogen


  • Declaration of conformity for contact with food according to regulations 1935/2004 EC and 2023/2006 EC
  • Declaration of conformity Atex II 1/3D Ex h IIIB T135°C Da/Dc (Inside Zone 20, Outside Zone 22)
  • Tungsten carbide coating on mixing tools
  • Liquid injection system
  • Side-mounted high-speed choppers / Homogenizers
  • Pneumatic sampler
  • Pneumatic panel
  • Heat exchanger on mixing chamber for heating / cooling processes
  • Frontal discharge door with adjustable slide gate
  • Pneumatic cleaning of the mixing chamber
  • Lip seal with air flushing
  • Different finishes of parts in contact with the product available on request.