Fabric Silos

Fabric Silos




Designed for storing powder products for the food industry (e.g. flours, sugars) and other raw materials (plastics), fabric silos consist of a robust modular galvanized or painted steel supporting frame and a Trevira technical fabric container.
They are normally placed inside the production facility, but can also be placed outside after installation of an additional protection. Their shape and size make them adapt to any available space. Capacity can be up to 125 cu m . The Trevira fabric is suitable for food contact; with its extremely high mechanical resistance and excellent antistatic properties, it guarantees safety of the stored product.

Advantages compared to conventional systems storing raw materials in sacks:

  • Reduction of personnel and machinery for handling raw materials
  • Rapid storage and consistent quality in dosing
  • Automated distribution of raw materials to the point of use in the production line
  • No special waste
  • Checking and weighing of stored loads and reduction of waste

Fabric silo advantages and cost reduction benefits:

  • Simple and fast to install, displace and reinstall with no mechanical lifting equipment
  • Cost-effective installation with no drop in performance
  • Trevira fabric will last over 15 years
  • Significantly lower costs compared to other types of silos – in many cases even taking into account the costs for the dedicated protection for outdoor placing.