Hydrovide: Multi-Impeller Dissolver with Double Scraper

Application Fields:

The Hydrovide multi-impeller dissolver with double scraper is well-suited for a variety of applications, including water-based and solvent-based paints and varnishes, plasters, and agrochemical products.


This multi-impeller dissolver operates within a completely closed system, featuring a unique design and strategically positioned impellers to ensure thorough mixing and dispersion. A dual scraper with flexible overlapping blades continuously follows the sides and bottom of the tank for comprehensive product blending.

Key Features:

  • Completely sealed unit for operation within a closed system, ensuring product integrity.
  • Vacuum process for deaeration of the product, enhancing quality.
  • Pressure process to aid the discharge of no-flow products, improving efficiency.
  • Offers faster dispersion compared to standard dissolvers.
  • Cooling system with jacket or half pipes coil for precise temperature control.
  • Top internal cover with mirror-like polished finish for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Equipped with both low-pressure and high-pressure cleaning systems for efficient equipment maintenance.
  • Weighing system for accurate measurement and dosing.
  • Intuitive touchscreen display and PLC for seamless adjustment of operational parameters.
  • Infinite variable speeds for versatility in mixing requirements.
  • Data control and backup functionalities ensure process traceability and security.
  • Remote assistance capability enables swift troubleshooting and support from remote locations.