Micro -Midi Ingredient Semi-Automatic

Micro -Midi Ingredient Semi-Automatic



Advantages and Specifications:


  1. Reliability and Food Safety: Microingredients ensure total reliability and food safety of the process in the food industry, meeting strict quality standards.
  2. Standardization of Recipes: Precision weighing enables the standardization of recipes, ensuring consistent product quality and taste.
  3. Cost Optimization: Complete automation of the plant optimizes costs by reducing manual labor and minimizing ingredient waste.
  4. Integration: Microingredients are integrated with the main ingredients of a dough, facilitating seamless production processes and improving overall efficiency.


  1. Storage and Dosing: Microingredients are designed for the storage and dosing (by weight) of small and medium quantity ingredients.
  2. Precision Weighing: Precision weighing technology ensures accurate dosing, contributing to recipe standardization and quality control.
  3. Reliability: Built with reliability in mind, microdosing units guarantee consistent performance and minimize production downtime.
  4. Food Safety Compliance: Designed to meet food safety standards, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and maintaining product integrity.
  5. Automation: Microdosing units are fully automated, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the need for manual intervention.
  6. Customization: Units can be customized to meet specific production requirements and accommodate a variety of ingredient types and quantities.