Minor & Micro Ingredient Systems

Minor & Micro Ingredient Systems

MIXSYS offers a wide range of Minor & Micro Ingredient Systems. These are designed and manufactured according to the customer’s requirements. Please see below for more information on this customizable system.


Minor & Micro Ingredient Systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer, making them particularly well-suited for applications in the biscuit, bread, confectionery, and general food industries.

These systems typically involve three main steps: loading ingredients into containers, dosing the ingredients, and conveying them to the point of use where they are added to the main ingredients of a dough or mixture. Depending on the production process, these steps can be fully automated, manual, or a combination of both. MIXSYS offers customized solutions to suit each production requirement, ensuring optimal efficiency.

The micro dosing station may comprise multiple containers, each equipped with internal mechanical components designed to handle the characteristics of the ingredients being dosed. The quantity of micro ingredients added can vary from small amounts, measured in grams, to larger quantities, measured in kilograms.

Advantages of Minor & Micro Ingredient Systems:

  1. Utilization of Non-Specialist Labor: These systems are designed for ease of use, allowing non-specialized labor to effectively operate them.

  2. Precision Dosing: Accurate dosing of products results in precise recipe preparation, reducing raw material waste and ensuring consistency in product quality.

  3. Seamless Integration: These systems seamlessly integrate into existing production setups, ensuring smooth operation within the overall production process.

  4. High Automation: The systems feature high levels of automation, enabling quick dosing, reduced management costs, precise traceability of ingredients, and minimized human errors.