Paneled Silos

Paneled Silos

MIXSYS storage silos provide high-volume, uninterrupted material supply to processing and production operations where one, or multiple points of material infeed are required. MIXSYS application and mechanical engineers will design a complete bulk material storage and handling system; from site assessment to silo filling, from material discharge to in-process material conveying



MIXSYS (also known as bolted silos or divisible silos) suitable for medium-big storages, realized both in carbon or stainless, are realized in panels which allow the transportation all around the world. MIXSYS Panel Silos offer a high load capacity up to 10,000 tons, and this type of section is easily transportable by road. With detailed assembly manuals supplied, their construction is simple and can be carried out quickly due to our unique design which reduces assembly time to a minimum.

Usable for both solids or liquids, they can be transported by standard road trailers or sea standard containers.

To guarantee the quality of the products, all the panels and parts are prepared in metallic frames, which avoid any possible damage during transportation and loading/unloading phases. MIXSYS Panelled Silo can be pre-assembled  just with a forklift and the use of the crane is limited just to final assembly and erection.

Also every silo can be divided internally in 2 or more compartments, allowing to store different materials in the same silo.