Powder Storage and Transport

Powder Storage and Transport



Advantages and Specifications:


  1. Enhanced Storage Capacity: Powder storage plants, comprising big bags and silos, offer ample storage capacity, allowing for the efficient management of raw materials and uninterrupted production.
  2. Versatile Transport Options: Augers and elevators provide flexible and reliable transport solutions, enabling the seamless feeding of powders from storage facilities to main processing machines.
  3. Improved Process Efficiency: The integration of storage plants with transport systems optimizes material flow, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity during processing operations.
  4. Reduced Manual Handling: Automated augers and elevators eliminate the need for manual material handling, enhancing workplace safety and reducing labor costs.
  5. Precise Feeding: Augers and elevators ensure precise and consistent feeding of powders to dispersers and other processing equipment, contributing to the quality and uniformity of the final product.
  6. Customizable Configurations: Storage plants, augers, and elevators can be customized to suit specific production requirements, accommodating varying material properties, throughput rates, and space constraints.


  1. Storage Capacity: The powder storage plants can be designed with varying capacities to meet the specific storage needs of the production facility, ensuring an adequate supply of raw materials.
  2. Big Bags and Silos: The storage system may include both big bags and silos, providing options for storing different types of powders based on volume and handling requirements.
  3. Transport Systems: Augers and elevators are equipped with robust construction and reliable components to ensure efficient and continuous material transport from storage facilities to processing machines.
  4. Material Compatibility: The construction materials of the storage plants, augers, and elevators are selected based on the compatibility with the handled powders, ensuring durability and preventing contamination.
  5. Integration with Processing Equipment: The design of the system allows seamless integration with dispersers and other processing machines, facilitating smooth material flow and optimizing production workflows.
  6. Control and Monitoring: The system may incorporate control systems and sensors for monitoring material levels, flow rates, and equipment status, enabling efficient operation and timely maintenance.
  7. Safety Features: Safety measures such as guards, emergency stop buttons, and interlocks are implemented to ensure safe operation and protect personnel from hazards associated with material handling equipment.
  8. Compliance: The system design complies with relevant safety standards and regulations governing powder handling and processing operations, ensuring safe and compliant manufacturing practices.