Pre-mixed production plants

Pre-mixed production plants



Advantages and Specifications:


  1. Perfect Mixing: Pre-mixed production plants utilize horizontal double-reel mixers, ensuring perfect mixing of powdery or granular products, resulting in uniform and consistent product quality.
  2. High Specific Weights: The mixers are designed to handle products with high specific weights, allowing for efficient mixing of dense materials without compromising quality.
  3. High Productivity: These plants are characterized by high productivity, enabling continuous and efficient production processes to meet demand.
  4. Versatility: The plants are versatile and can accommodate various types of powdery or granular products, offering flexibility in production capabilities.
  5. Quality Assurance: The precise mixing capabilities of the double-reel mixers ensure quality assurance, reducing the likelihood of product variations and defects.
  6. Cost Efficiency: Efficient mixing processes and high productivity contribute to cost efficiency, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing production downtime.


  1. Horizontal Double-Reel Mixers: The plants are equipped with horizontal double-reel mixers, known for their effective mixing action and uniform distribution of ingredients.
  2. Capacity: The plants offer varying capacities to suit different production requirements, ensuring scalability and flexibility in operations.
  3. Mixing Efficiency: The mixers are designed for optimal mixing efficiency, achieving thorough blending of powdery or granular products within short processing times.
  4. Robust Construction: Built with robust materials and construction, the plants are durable and withstand heavy-duty operation in industrial environments.
  5. Automation: Automated controls and monitoring systems are integrated into the plants for enhanced operational efficiency and ease of control.
  6. Safety Features: Safety features are incorporated to ensure safe operation and protect personnel from potential hazards during production processes.
  7. Customization: Plants can be customized to meet specific production needs and requirements, including size, configuration, and additional features.