Quick Clean Lump Breaker

Quick Clean Lump Breaker

Our Lump Breakers range in size from laboratory scale to heavy industrial, and are suitable for most common de-agglomeration applications.



Lump-breaker with double crushing shaft

The lump breaker is an ideal solution to reduce the size grading of products tending to form lumps. Composed of a primary shaft and a secondary shaft rotating in opposite directions, this assembly allows the crushing of lumps that form during the transport of cohesive products.

It is available in different sizes, from the diameter 300 to the diameter 1000 mm and it can process a large quantity of product. The lump breaker with double crushing shaft allows flow of 40m³ of product per hour.

The lump breaker is integrated under the sealing and pre-transport system. Its limited height enables it to be easily integrated into processes where space is limited.


MIXSYS lump breakers are made of steel or stainless steel and include:

  • A frame with the required installation dimensions
  • shaft sealing bearings
  • A passageway grid
  • 1 crushing shaft (or double shaft) with lumping blades
  • One control unit per gear motor

It is possible to add to this several options like:

  • A perforated sheeting
  • Quick disassembly on a slide rail
  • One blow on cable gland (Pressure setting at 0.3b)
  • Primary/secondary drive shaft gears
  • A torque limiter

MIXSYS lump breakers are designed to receive 2 different types of drive.

  • Direct drive: The gear motor drive unit is connected directly to the drive shaft. This design allows a better optimization of the space requirement.
  • Chain drive: The chain and gear transmission system between the primary & secondary shaft allows it to withstand high loads and guarantees a long service life.