Ribbon Blenders

Ribbon Blenders

MIXSYS Ribbon Blender triple action agitator ensures rapid, homogeneous blending of even the most difficult blending applications. Our Ribbon Blender is especially well suited for fragile, heat sensitive products. While maintaining counter-directional flow, the outer paddles minimize pinch points at the wall thus introducing less frictional heat than a continuous outer ribbon.



Suitable for the following production processes:
• Mixing of powders / granules / flakes / fibers / pastes
• Wetting of solids with one or more liquids
• Heating /cooling / temperature keeping
• Keeping the product in movement (stirred bunker)

Main features:
• Short mixing time
• High mixing quality
• Batches with repeatable results
• Gentle mixing
• Low maintenance

Techanical features:
• Batch size: from 80 to 35.000 liters (net)
• Through "U" shaped mixing chamber
• MIxing tools: four ribbons, opposed two by two
• Material of costruction: carbon steel / Hardox 450 / AISI 304 / AISI 316 / AISI 316Ti
• Inspection door on the top flat cover, complete with sfaty grid and electric block 
• Discharge door with round profile, building the bottom side of the mixing chamber 
• Rotor shaft with turned and coaxial ends
• Rotor shaft sealing system with packing seals and wear resistant ferrules to protect the rotor shaft, prepared for flushing with air / nitrogen

• Declaration of conformity for contact with food according to regulations 1935/2004 EC and 2023/2006 EC
• Declaration of conformity Atex II 1/3D Ex h IIIB T135°C Da/Dc (Inside Zone 20, Outside Zona 22)
• Wolfram carboide coating on the external profile of the mixing ribbon
• Liquid injection system
• Side mounted high speed choppers / Homogenizers
• Pneumatic sampler
• Pneumatic panel
• Heat exchanger on mixing chamber for heating / cooling processes
• Big bomb door on the whole length of the mixing chamber, to get an almost residue-free discharge in the shortest time
• Predisposition for CIP cleaning system
• Pneumatic cleaning of the mixing chamber   
• Lip seal with air flushing
• Different finishes of parts in contact with product available on request.
• Easy access to the mixing chamber through an inspection door complete with safety electric lock