Silo filter SKY series

Silo filter SKY series

MIXSYS Sky Series Cartridge Filter is a fully automatic self-cleaning air filtration system specifically designed for medium to large volume applications. Please see below for more details.



  • Designed for placement on top of a silo, optimizing space utilization and dust collection efficiency.
  • Utilizes jet-pulse cleaning by compressed air for effective filter element maintenance and longevity.
  • Offers options for bag or cartridge filter elements, allowing customization based on filtration requirements.
  • Available filter area ranges from 21.5 ft² to 645.8 ft², accommodating various dust loads and airflow volumes.
  • Facilitates easy removal of filter elements (clean gas side) from above via hinged cover, simplifying maintenance procedures.
  • Optionally equipped with a lateral fan (0.75 kW to 11 kW) upon request to enhance air circulation and filtration performance.
  • Available in diameters DN540 and DN790, providing flexibility to fit different silo sizes and configurations.
  • Constructed with a body made of stainless steel AISI 304 and a cover made of aluminum, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Parts in contact with the product are made of mild steel or stainless steel, meeting hygiene and safety standards for food processing and industrial applications.