Sky Filter

Sky Filter

MIXSYS Sky Series Cartridge Filter is a fully automatic self-cleaning air filtration system specifically designed for medium to large volume applications. Please see below for more details.



Sizing Options:

SKYFILTER 300 ft2 / 1200 CFM (@ 4:1 Air to Cloth Ratio)

SKYFILTER 380 ft2 / 1520 CFM (@ 4:1 Air to Cloth Ratio)

SKYFILTER 518 ft2 / 2072 CFM

Other Standard Sizes Available.

SKYFILTER Advantages:

EXTERNAL CONSTRUCTION: External parts exposed to atmospheric agents in AlSl 304 / Aluminum, for a longer lifetime.

VALVES: Impulse valves for cleaning the filtering elements, with pneumatic control made in aluminum casting.

CONTROL BOARD: MULTI-VOLTAGE Electrical board for the control of the impulse valves, with transformation of the electrical signal into a pneumatic signal

SAFETY SCREW: Safety crew on the cover to avoid tampering.

GAS CYLINDER: Specific cylinder to avoid accidental closings of the cover.

TANK: Compressed air tank (for jet cleaning) made in aluminum casting for a longer lifetime of this product.

IMPULSE MANIFOLDS: Symmetrical manifolds for the cleaning of the filter elements, in cast aluminum.