Turn - Key Plants

Turn - Key Plants



Turn-Key Plants
We’re at your side from the initial concept to commissioning of turn-key plant. All projects are designed, realized and managed to fully meet all costumer’s needs and requirements.

Design and Validation
  • Layout
  • Process Improvement
  • Basic P&Id
  • Plant Simulation
  • Estimative budget
Project Execution and project management
  • Detailed Studies
  • Detailed P&Id
  • Maintenance costs estimation
  • Plant Evolution and revamping
  • Installation and testing of instrumentation and control systems
  • Machinery and plant commissioning
  • Employee training.
1. Powder Silos and distribution

Dosing and conveying of powders from Silos, Big bags and normal bags. Emptying systems, conveyors, elevators, blowers and filters.

2. Storage tanks

Mild Steel and Stainless-steel tanks for Water base products, Solvents and Nitro with High quality machining. Cooling jackets, thermal insulation.

3. Piping

Engineering, design and installation of piping distribution systems. Valves, pumps and filters.

PIG liquid transfers systems.

4. Process Control

Customized Process control from basic level of Automation up to the fully automated plants. Hardware supply. PLC/PC and SCADA software development.

5. Production

Grinding, Dispersing, Mixing.

6. Finishing and Tinting

Let-Down tanks for finishing and tinting. Flexibility to make small batches. Connection to the filling machines.

7. Dosing and Weighing system

Dosing heads, Load cells, scales. Automated or manual dosing systems. The platforms are built to guarantee correct load-cells-based weighing systems.

8. Structures and Carpentry

Carpentry, platforms, structures, steel works customized with high quality machining.



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