Turn - Key Plants

Turn - Key Plants



Turn-Key Plants

We're committed to guiding you through every stage, from initial concept to plant commissioning, ensuring your turn-key plant fully aligns with your needs and requirements.

Design and Validation:

  • Comprehensive layout design
  • Process improvement strategies
  • Basic P&ID development
  • Plant simulation for optimized performance
  • Estimative budget planning

Project Execution and Management:

  • Detailed studies for informed decision-making
  • Elaborate P&ID detailing
  • Estimation of maintenance costs
  • Plant evolution and revamping solutions
  • Installation and testing of instrumentation and control systems
  • Machinery and plant commissioning
  • Employee training for operational proficiency
  1. Powder Silos and Distribution: Efficient dosing and conveying of powders from silos, big bags, and normal bags, utilizing advanced emptying systems, conveyors, elevators, blowers, and filters.

  2. Storage Tanks: Customizable mild steel and stainless-steel tanks for water-based products, solvents, and nitro, featuring high-quality machining, cooling jackets, and thermal insulation.

  3. Piping: Expert engineering, design, and installation of piping distribution systems, integrating valves, pumps, filters, and PIG liquid transfer systems.

  4. Process Control: Tailored process control solutions, ranging from basic automation to fully automated plants, including hardware supply, and PLC/PC and SCADA software development.

  5. Production: Specialized equipment for grinding, dispersing, and mixing processes.

  6. Finishing and Tinting: Let-Down tanks designed for finishing and tinting operations, offering flexibility for small batch production and seamless connection to filling machines.

  7. Dosing and Weighing System: Precision dosing heads, load cells, and scales for automated or manual dosing systems, with platforms engineered to ensure accurate load-cell-based weighing.

  8. Structures and Carpentry: Customized carpentry, platforms, structures, and steelworks featuring high-quality machining for optimal durability and functionality.